Terms + Conditions

Please read carefully through the Terms & Conditions associated with Four Eighteen Media Group. All services and projects provided are connected by terms and conditions to manage project outcomes and expectations for both you “The Client” and “Four Eighteen Media Group”. By reading these TAC and paying your invoice for your project, you are agreeing to the conditions of our business.

Four Eighteen Media Group has the right to change and/or edit our Terms & Conditions and pricing without notice.

Any projects started on before the adjusted price change (or TAC) will continue to remain as is.

We have the right to decline any project or client at any moment for any reason.


payments + deposits

All invoices will be sent prior start of project. Invoices must be paid within 7 days or invoice will be cancelled until client is ready to continue services. All projects over $100 require a 50% non-refundable deposit in order to begin design process, anything under $100 shall be paid in full by client. For over $100 the 50% final payment is due when all revisions have been completed and work is approved by you “The Client”. All projects are subject to a non-refundable deposit from client.

No project shall be started on without payment being received from client to Four Eighteen Media Group.




Under no circumstance can a refund be given after work (including proofs) has been issued and/or labor has begun. No refunds are given for any promotional sale prices and all invoices must be paid in full. If for any reason client cancels services, no payment shall be reimbursed and becomes forfeited by you “The Client”. Clients using the Shopify or Squarespace platform, if hosting fee is declined for that month Shopify/Squarespace will discontinue your hosting. You are in control of your hosting and not Four Eighteen Media Group. Any payments and invoice issues due to hosting must be taken up with the proper hosting site. Once inactive for 30+ days, Shopify or Squarespace will terminate your store.




High quality images(300 dpi) are preferred for all design projects. Screenshots, low resolution, or small file size images are not recommended. Four Eighteen Media Group has the right to decline any project that does not provide the appropriate professional photography needed to create a visually appealing design. All clients must have high quality images for branding usage. If for any reason client does not have professional photos, we “Four Eighteen Media Group” can provide high quality stock images for your company for an additional price.



client content

All client content and images for any project shall be emailed by client. We are not responsible for any misspellings, bad grammar, explicit language or missing information that was not originally given during initial content email. If for any reason additional data entry is needed and client does not have content, Four Eighteen Media Group will discuss an agreed payment with client to create content.



turnaround times

Turn around times vary from project to project and is dependent on current volume and the time it takes the client to provide ALL information for their project. Design inquires will be given a time frame via email. If for any reason we need to exceed the client turnaround time, the client shall be notified.



drafts + final designs

No final artwork or files will be delivered until final invoices are paid in full. Draft files remain the property of Four Eighteen Media Group. Client has the right to own the following files given upon completion: JPEG, PNG, PDF and EPS/PSD (upon request).