"I had a creative lighting vision in my head that I wanted to bring to life"

Model and Lighting test shoot

I started off June with a need to get back to some creative lighting techniques. I recently watch a video on YouTube and came across a gel shoot that got me thinking about shooting with colored gels again. My first thought was to test the lighting setup on myself and stop there but once I completed the shot of myself I was like I have to shoot this setup with a model.

I started searching my Instagram feed and came across a photo of Sade on my timeline. I had shot Sade at a casting prior but that was the only time her and I have shot. I had been meaning to test shoot with her again so I decided to reach out and see if she was available and down to shoot. We went over some ideas for the shoot and I put together a mood board for the shoot. The mood board was comprised of some preferred outfit options, posing and lighting styles. Here is the result of my 3 light setup and creative vision.

I think the lighting setup and posing really help to complimented Sade’s figure and the mood of the image. The main goal was to create a vibrant alluring photo. The mood was to capture the appeal of the model through posing and light wrapping.

Photo breakdown:

  • The key light was in front 45 degrees off camera right 1/2 power.

  • The blue gel was camera left and set to wrap her body 1/4 power.

  • The red gel was behind her off camera right and set to hit the backdrop 1/4 power.

  • Shot with a Nikon 850 f13 / 160 shutter / ISO 100